SNIP Application

SNIP: Spay & Neuter Incentive Program of Ray County

Thank you for your interest in SNIP!

Please fill out the application below to be considered for the Spay & Neuter Incentive Program. After you submit this application, please email a copy of your paycheck stub, previous year’s W-2, or a letter from the Social Security office to

Because we value the relationships with our veterinary partners, pet owners MUST show up for their scheduled appointments. It is costly and disruptive when scheduled appointments do not show up. Our policy for No Shows is very strict. If you miss your appointment you will forfeit your deposit and no longer be allowed to participate in the SNIP program. Please type “YES” and initial if you agree to this.
You will receive an email within 24 hours to confirm receipt of the application. Vouchers will be issued in the order applications are received. You do understand it could take months before we will issue you a voucher(s) depending on waiting list and funds to provide the low cost spay/neuter procedures. You do understand that this is not a free program and the cost for a dog spay/neuter is $40 and a cat spay/neuter is $25. This is the amount that the participant pays. The Humane Society of Ray County Snip program covers the remaining balance. You also agree to the guidelines of the SNIP program and acknowledge that your pet(s) must be current on all vaccines and rabies shots before you can participate in the program. Also your female dog or cat must not be pregnant or in heat at the time of the scheduled surgery. Please print “YES” and initial if you agree to this.
I acknowleage that I am receiving assistance from the Humane Society of Ray County to have my pet spayed/neutered at a participating veterinary clinic. I hereby release the Humane Society of any liability for any complications that might arise during or after surgery. I understand that in the case of pregnancy, heat, health problems, or inaccurate weight classification of the pet, an additional fee will be incurred which is my responsibility to be paid directly to the veterinarian’s office. Please type your name to confirm agreement.